Performer Series - 2022 to present

Performer Series is an ongoing project that I began in the Fall of 2022. This body of work features entertainers local to Memphis and its surrounding area. This work evolved from an earlier project, Beauty and Truth, in which I photographed drag queens and professional wrestlers in an investigation of motion, transformation, and time. 

This project explores some of those same themes, but approaches the world of entertainment from a more intimate and psychological perspective. The process involves an interview component in which I ask each person about their experience in public performance, followed by a shoot tailored to each individual through active collaboration. In addition to these shoots, I photograph performers as they entertain, with an emphasis on capturing moments of crowd interaction and candid portraits. The project seeks to understand the psychological experience of performing and investigate the underlying similarities and differences between performers across age, race, gender, sexuality, and the nature of their performance practice.

If you are a performer interested in participating in this project, please reach out to me using the contact page

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