Hot Ass Fault Line - 2022

I began work on this series in the Spring of 2022. Using both analog and digital images shot from 2020 to 2022, I created digital collages that narrate my experience since moving to the South in 2016 - first to Florida, then to Memphis, Tennessee.  Both a self-portrait and a fictionalized narrative, the work explores themes of memory, sexuality, and home. The title references Memphis' extreme summer temperatures as well as its placement on a fault line, while also relating to the iconography within the pieces.

The centerpiece of the series, a panoramic composed of three frames shot on 120mm film, shows locations along the iconic stretch of Summer Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. Other collages in the series are built upon photos taken inside of unspecified domestic and public spaces. An oversized female figure is repeated throughout the series, juxtaposed with smaller figures, objects, and sites to create unique narratives about her presence within each space. 

I showed this work at the Chromatic Encounters exhibition, held at the Box Gallery and curated by photographer Ash Thayer in the Spring of 2022. 

Exhibition View

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